Carey Blyton – The Choral Music

The Choral Music of Carey Blyton

featuring Canzonetta with Jennifer Partridge, piano

Various composers


  Composer Title Performer(s) Total duration
VariousCarey Blyton – The Choral Music
The Choral Music of Carey Blyton
featuring Canzonetta with Jennifer Partridge, piano
Jennifer Partridge, Piano
# Composers Work Movement Performer(s) Duration
1Carey Blyton
Words: Carey Blyton
The Christ Church CarolCanzonetta00:03:08
2God’s GiftsCanzonetta,
Jennifer Partridge, Piano
3Carey Blyton
Words: Anonymous
A LullabyCanzonetta00:02:00
4Carey Blyton
Words: Phineas Fletcher
A Litany00:01:48
5Carey BlytonSeven Polyphonic Amens   I00:00:17
6  II00:00:29
7 III00:00:23
8  IV00:00:28
9   V00:00:23
10  VI00:00:26
11 VII00:00:40
12Carey Blyton
Words: Peter Westmore
The Christmas Spirit   I: Scrooge, or The Christmas SpiritCanzonetta,
Jennifer Partridge, Piano
13  II: Over the Christmas TreeCanzonetta00:01:23
14 III: Christmas comes but once a yearCanzonetta,
Jennifer Partridge, Piano
15Carey Blyton
Words: James Elroy Flecker
War Song of the Saracens00:02:33
16Carey Blyton
Words: Archibald Stodart-Walker
Songs for Juniors I: Three Food Songs   Ia: Early Bacon00:00:39
17   Ib: Early Bacon (round)Canzonetta00:00:34
18Carey Blyton
Words: J. A. Lindon
  II: Sink SongCanzonetta,
Jennifer Partridge, Piano
19Carey Blyton
Words: A. P. Herbert
 III: Bacon and Eggs00:00:38
20Carey Blyton
Words: Harry Graham
Songs for Juniors II: Three Insect Songs   Ia: Taking the Veil00:00:50
21   Ib: Taking the Veil (round)Canzonetta00:00:32
22Carey Blyton
Words: Anonymous
  IIa: Poor FlyCanzonetta,
Jennifer Partridge, Piano
23  IIb: Poor Fly (round)Canzonetta00:00:49
24Carey Blyton
Words: Don Marquis
 III: Swat a LifeCanzonetta,
Jennifer Partridge, Piano
25Carey Blyton
Words: Anonymous
Songs for Juniors III: Three Bird Songs   Ia: The Cormorant00:00:51
26   Ib: The Cormorant (round)Canzonetta00:00:41
27Carey Blyton
Words: Carey Blyton
  IIa: The StorkCanzonetta,
Jennifer Partridge, Piano
28  IIb: The Stork (round)Canzonetta00:01:06
29Carey Blyton
Words: Anonymous
 IIIa: The ElephantCanzonetta,
Jennifer Partridge, Piano
30 IIIb: The Elephant (round)Canzonetta00:00:31
31What Then is Love?   I: Western wind, when will thou blow?00:00:52
32Carey Blyton
Words: William Shakespeare
  II: Tell me, where is fancy bred?00:01:11
33Carey Blyton
Words: John Donne
 III: Stay, O sweet, and do not rise!00:01:40
34Carey Blyton
Words: Samuel Daniel
  IV: Love is a sickness full of woes00:01:36
arr. Carey Blyton
The Mistletoe BoughCanzonetta,
Jennifer Partridge, Piano
36Carey Blyton
Words: Dorothy Parker
A Woman’s World   I: General View of the Sex Situation00:00:37
37Carey Blyton
Words: Dorothy Moffatt
  II: Woman’s View00:02:04
38Carey Blyton
Words: Wallace Irwin
 III: A Grain of Salt00:00:46
39Carey Blyton
Words: Thomas Hood
In Lighter Mood   I: Havana!Canzonetta00:01:00
40Carey Blyton
Words: Helen Cox
  II: Ode to a Fag (Smoke gets in your lungs)00:02:50
41Carey Blyton
Words: Graham Lee Hemminger
 III: I like it!00:01:02
42Carey Blyton
Words: Harry Graham
Ladies Only   I: Some wench!00:00:44
43Carey Blyton
Words: Ivor C. F. Treby
  II: What a display!00:00:29
44Carey Blyton
Words: William Makepeace Thackeray
 III: Cutting him dead00:01:09
45Carey Blyton
Words: Mary Carolyn Davies
  IV: The mating game00:00:46
46Carey Blyton
Words: James Ball Naylor
   V: King David and King Solomon00:00:34
47Carey Blyton
Words: Giles Farnaby
The Silly Flea00:01:10
48Carey BlytonA Nursery Song Suite   I: London’s Burning00:00:29
49  II: Jack and Jill00:00:42
50 III: Hey, Diddle, Diddle00:00:30
51  IV: Hickory, Dickory, Dock00:00:15
52   V: Mary had a Little Lamb00:01:23
53  VI: The Lady and the Swine00:01:04
54 VII: London Bridge00:01:31
55VIII: Sing a Song of Sixpence00:00:54
56  IX: The Mulberry Bush00:01:25

Catalogue code: URCD190Published: 2004
Entry last updated: 26th April 2014