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Fand Music Press

The First Edition Publishers

Fand Music Press owes its name to that enchanted isle of music and extasy, said even now to be glimpsed off the western seaboard of Eire.

Like the little craft in the painting in the top-left corner of the page, we tempt you to voyage with us in magical, uncharted waters. (Artwork by Harriet Hampton; click the Fand Music Press logo to see the picture in detail.)

Our growing catalogue contains sheet music, CDs and books, all focussing on accessible 20th Century and contemporary composers. Please use the tabs at the top of the page to explore what we have to offer.

Acceptance Mark
Cost of orderPostage charge
Up to £9·99£3·00
£10 to £24·99£4·00
£25 to £49·99£5·50
£50 to £99·99£6·50
£100 and over£7·50


Fand now processes online orders using PayPal, which provides a secure online shopping system that’s protected by a range of safeguards and guarantees. However, should you wish to place an order by some other method, such as sending a cheque through the post, please get in touch with us directly (contact details above) to make other arrangements.

Each item in the Fand catalogue has its own Add to Cart button, visible on both the individual product page and in other listings. Simply click this to add the item to the PayPal shopping cart. Should you wish to order multiple copies of any item, you can adjust the quantity per item on the shopping cart page. If you wish to order more than one product at once, you are free to close the shopping cart window and reopen it at a later point, either by clicking the View Cart button at the left of the page or by adding another item to the cart; the items you have added will be remembered until you proceed with the order. Once you have placed the order, you will receive confirmation by email from PayPal.

Shipping charges

Shipping for IDEALA is FREE; for Francis Pott’s Toccata for Organ it costs £4 because of the score’s large landscape format. For CDs, postage is £2·00 per disc. In all other cases, postage charges are based on the total cost of the order, as shown in the table to the right.

Instrumental parts

Several of the pieces in the catalogue are available with instrumental parts (either provided with the score or to purchase separately, depending on the piece). Please note that, to keep costs down, just ONE COPY of each part is provided; if there is more than one player per instrumental part (as there will be with various orchestral scores), you are welcome to make your own photocopies of the parts so that each player has one.

Choral music and parts

Some of the choral pieces in the Fand catalogue are sold with so-called parts. In fact, in most (though not all) cases, these parts are identical to the full copies except that they lack an outer cover; they are priced more cheaply than the full copies so that they are more affordable for choirs to purchase. We request that you do not photocopy choral items: ideally you should purchase a full copy for the choirmaster (and accompanist, if applicable) to use, and as many of the choral parts as are required by your choir, either singing from individual copies or sharing. Thank you.

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Although this site attempts to work with all common browsers, and goes to significant lengths to be compatible with the dreadfully outdated but still commonly used Internet Explorer 6, it was designed primarily to work best with modern browsers. The site uses a number of new HTML 5 and CSS 3 features that are only properly supported in today’s best-quality modern browsers. In other words, visitors to this site are strongly recommended to use Safari 4 or later, Firefox 3·6 or later, or a recent version of Chrome (or any other similar modern browser based on their technologies). The site will both work better and look very much more attractive in these browsers than it does in any version of Internet Explorer.

Sound samples and videos

The Fand site now offers sound samples and/or videos of many items in its catalogue. All CDs have several sample tracks (or track extracts) to listen to, and so do a significant number of sheet music publications. In the case of sheet music, wherever possible, we try to make available full performances – as sound samples, videos or both – so that you can get a fair impression of the work that interests you. Sometimes there may even be more than one rendition (e.g. a sound sample of one performance and a video of another different performance; for example, see Peter Thompson’s Ballad).

To make it easy to identify which items have associated sound samples and videos, various icons are used to summarise what’s provided, as follows:

In graphical cover listings (i.e. Covers-tab pages):
The top-left corner of a cover may have a badge overlaid on it, as follows:

In tabular listings (i.e. non-Cover-tab pages):
Either or both of the following icons may appear to the right of the publication title in tabular listings, as follows:

Sound sample icons are not shown for CDs, on the basis that all CDs can be expected to have associated sound samples, so the information would be redundant!


Since becoming Webmaster for Orchestral Concert CDs in 2009, I’ve been very impressed by the quality and value offered by the site’s hosting company, Just Host. Sufficiently impressed, in fact, that on taking up the role of Fand’s new Webmaster, I’ve moved Fand over to Just Host from its previous hosting provider (which charged a lot more and delivered a lot less). I’m also very happy to recommend Just Host to others; if you need hosting, please click through the link provided here (note that I’ve signed up as an affiliate, so following my link and signing up will benefit me financially).


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