A Romp for The Thomp

for piano

John Mitchell


Thomphoonery! started life as a piece for handbells called Bellfoonery! The latter was composed in August 2016, and was published in the album Classical Gold by the Handbell Ringers of Great Britain in April 2017. Like an earlier handbell piece of mine, Winter Snow, I later deemed that the material could be favourably recast as a piano solo. The original Bellfoonery! version of the piece was intended to be performed at a much slower tempo, and if preferred Thomphoonery! could be rendered at a more leisurely and relaxed minim = 112, rather than the more frantic 138!

—John Mitchell, July 2017

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Composer Title Grade Forces Duration
John MitchellThomphoonery!
A Romp for The Thomp
for piano
6 to 7Piano2 mins
Recorded performance

In the absence of a live recording of this piece, John Meccanico has obliged to give you an idea of how it sounds

Catalogue code: FM206Published: 8th August 2017
Entry last updated: 8th August 2017