The Christmas Spirit

Three Carols

for SATB and string orchestra

Carey Blyton

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Alternative rehearsal score

Please note that the separate arrangement of The Christmas Spirit for choir and piano may be used as a rehearsal score for the version with string orchestra. They are musically compatible, so the version for choir and piano may be used in place of the orchestral score by a pianist in rehearsals. Alternatively, the singers may use copies of the arrangement for choir and piano rather than the dedicated SATB choir booklet. Although more expensive, the larger choir and piano scores obviously include the full piano accompaniment, whereas the SATB choir booklet shows only the vocal lines with string cues. (See the last of the sample pages, below, for an illustration of the SATB choir booklet.)

Sample pages

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  Composer Title Forces Total duration
Carey BlytonThe Christmas Spirit
Three Carols
for SATB and string orchestra
Choir (SATB), String orchestra4½ mins
# Composer Movement Forces Duration
1Carey Blyton
Words: Peter Westmore
   I: Scrooge, or The Christmas SpiritChoir (SATB), String orchestra1¾ mins
2  II: Over the Christmas Tree1½ mins
3 III: Christmas comes but once a year1¼ mins
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Catalogue code: FM171Published: 4th June 2011
Entry last updated: 4th June 2011