Three Lieder on Poems by Hafez

for soprano and piano

M. S. Sharifian


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Singers who may initially baulk at singing in Parsi should be reassured that a full pronunciation guide is included, and the music itself is impressive.
Musical Opinion
…evocative settings…
Music Teacher

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  Composer Title Vocal range Forces Total duration
M. S. SharifianThree Lieder on Poems by Hafez
for soprano and piano
,B♭ to ASoprano, Piano
# Composer Movement Forces Duration
1M. S. Sharifian
Words: Hafez
Translated by G. H. Wilberforce Clarke
   I: Sufi goli becheeno moraghae bekhār bakhshSoprano, Piano5 mins
2  II: To hamcho sobheeyo man shameh khalvate saharam3½ mins
3 III: Saman buyān ghobāre gham cho benshinand, benshānand
Recorded performance

Florence Lippett, Soprano, Farman Behbud, Piano
From a concert in Tehran, c. 1999; recording courtesy of the composer

Catalogue code: FM127Published: 2004
Entry last updated: 28th September 2011