Three Ben Jonson Songs

for tenor and piano, op. 126a

Gary Higginson


…individual, attractive music … contemporary approach to harmony… [review of original Tenor setting]
The Singer

Please note that a transposed setting of these songs for baritone and piano (op. 126b) is also available.

Also note: a new cover has been designed for these songs, to match the recently published baritone setting. However, copies of the music with the old cover (now shown as a sample page, below) will continue to be supplied until current stocks run out and a reprint becomes necessary.

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  Composer Title Vocal range Forces
Gary HigginsonThree Ben Jonson Songs
for tenor and piano, op. 126a
C♯ to G♯'Tenor, Piano
# Composer Movement Forces
1Gary Higginson
Words: Ben Jonson
1. Come My CeliaTenor, Piano
22. Slow, Slow Fresh Fount
33. That Women Are But Men’s Shadows

Catalogue code: FM109Published: 1995
Entry last updated: 3rd February 2018