Collected Short Stories

and Summer in the Country (Autobiography)

ISBN 0-9535125-4-1

Carey Blyton


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Some are whimsical, some ironic, a few sentimental and one or two autobiographical – parallels to his compositions, perhaps. All are readable and pleasantly written…
Philip Scowcroft, MusicWeb International
…fascinating as an insight into Carey [Blyton]’s formative experiences…
Cliff Watkins, Salisbury Journal

Carey Blyton, nephew of the children’s writer Enid Blyton, was born in Beckenham, Kent in 1932. He became a well-known composer, writing much music for film and television, and achieved worldwide fame as the creator of the nonsense song, Bananas in Pyjamas. Throughout his career he was also a writer of prose, and here, collected for the first time, are all of his short stories, together with Summer in the Country, an autobiographical fragment dealing with his experiences as a wartime evacuee.

This is an attractive hardback volume of 120 pages with a glossy dust-jacket; the autobiographical section also contains a handful of photographic illustrations. Purchasers of this book may also like to consider Composer Interviews no 1: Carey Blyton. The Fand catalogue also contains several printed scores, and more than a dozen CDs, of Carey Blyton’s music.

  Author Title
Carey BlytonCollected Short Stories
and Summer in the Country (Autobiography)
ISBN 0-9535125-4-1
# Author(s) Grouping Chapter
1Carey Blyton
Edited by Peter Thompson
IntroductionEditor’s Preface
2Short storiesSummit Meeting (1957, revised 1982)
3The Carp (1970)
4The Swan (1971)
5Old Sam and the Acorns (1971)
6A Fine Summer’s Day (1971)
7Deadline (1971)
8The Final Solution (1979)
9First Prize to Miss Pettigrew (1980)
10Little Mr Universe (1980)
11The Great God Pan (1980)
12The Spoils of War (1980)
13The Golden Silence (1980)
14Touchdown (1980)
15A Very Good Rate of Exchange (1985)
16Beggar Your Neighbour (1987)
17Summer in the Country (Autobiography, 1987)1. An Unexpected Departure
182. Interregnum
193. The Rectory, West Lydford
204. In the Footsteps of Gilbert White
215. New Faces
226. In Thrall to Bacchus
237. An Expected Departure
248. The Gas-works, Castle Cary
259. Business Ventures
2610. Romeo and Juliet
2711. ‘Keep The Home Fires Burning’
2812. Up Everest with Hilary
2913. The Departure
31SupplementaryPublishing History

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