Piano Pictures

Works by Schumann, Sullivan, Ireland, Thompson, Bowen, Bridge and Debussy

Various composers


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An appealing programme, whose high-spots include York Bowen’s entrancing 1925 miniature, The Way to Polden, the dreamy Bolinge Hill by Peter Thompson and Frank Bridge’s Three Sketches
This unpretentious recital of ‘Pictures in Sound’ is an intriguing variety of beautifully played pieces…
Colin Scott-Sutherland, MusicWeb International

The music composed by Peter Thompson on this CD has been made available, with suitable accompanying imagery, as a set of videos on YouTube, as presented below:

Marc Chagall Suite (CD tracks 1–5 in a playlist)

Bolinge Hill (CD track 23)

  Composer Title Performer(s) Total duration
VariousPiano Pictures
Works by Schumann, Sullivan, Ireland, Thompson, Bowen, Bridge and Debussy
Oliver Williams, Piano01:07:50
# Composers Work Movement Performer(s) Duration
1Peter ThompsonSuite no 3 (Marc Chagall Suite)   I: The Blue CircusOliver Williams, Piano00:01:13
2  II: At the Barber’s00:01:47
3 III: Loneliness00:01:55
4  IV: Above the Town00:00:55
5   V: Spring00:01:19
6York BowenThe Way to Polden00:03:13
7Sir Arthur SullivanElle et Lui00:02:37
8A l’Hongroise00:02:03
10Robert SchumannPapillonsIntroduzione: Moderato – No 100:00:56
11No 2: Prestissimo00:00:17
12No 300:00:48
13No 4: Presto00:00:48
14No 500:01:04
15No 600:00:57
16No 7: Semplice00:00:34
17No 800:01:14
18No 9: Prestissimo00:00:46
19No 10: Vivo – Più lento00:01:48
20No 1100:02:35
21No 12: Finale00:02:00
22Claude DebussyReflets dans l’Eau00:05:31
23Peter ThompsonBolinge Hill00:05:30
24Frank BridgeThree Sketches   I: April00:02:24
25  II: Rosemary00:03:34
26 III: Valse capriceuse00:01:35
27John IrelandSarnia   I: Le Catioroc00:06:25
28  II: In a May Morning00:05:16
29 III: Song of the Springtides00:06:42

Catalogue code: FAND101Published: 1996
Entry last updated: 26th April 2014