Carey Blyton & Friends

80th Anniversary Concert

19th May 2012

Various composers


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…there was enough variety in the programme to display the many facets of this interesting composer…
Malcolm Rudland, Peter Warlock Society Newsletter 91
…Blyton’s impressive Lachrymae […] was most excellently conveyed by the evening’s main artists, Alison Smart (soprano) and Katharine Durran (piano).
Robert Matthew-Walker, Musical Opinion (July–August 2012 p52)

The information on this page is retained for archival purposes. See the Publicity images section at the foot of the page for a few photographs from the concert. Thanks to John Mitchell for the first two photographs and Richard Hallas for the third.

A programme of songs and piano solos, interspersed with readings from nonsense verse, celebrating the 80th Anniversary of Carey Blyton’s birth, with:

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This important event will feature primarily the work of Carey Blyton, along with that of his friends and pupils, such as Frank Bayford, John Mitchell and Peter Thompson, together with music by Warlock and Moeran (Blyton was a member of the Warlock Society and wrote a radio play about Warlock and Moeran).

Also featured will be three world premiere performances: Sir Arnold Bax’s Welcome, Somer, Peter Thompson’s Dawn and In the Highlands by George Butterworth.

Date & Venue

Date: Saturday, 19th May 2012 at 7:00 pm
Venue: The Warehouse
13 Theed Street
London SE1 8ST
(near Waterloo station; see map to the right)


Entry is by souvenir programme. The ticket price is £12, and postage is free. To book, either use the ‘Add to Cart’ button at the head of this page to order online via PayPal, or send a cheque, payable to Fand Music Press, to Fand at the address to be found on the Contact/Info page. Spaces are limited, so you are strongly advised to book well in advance.

If you have further enquiries, please phone Fand on 01730 267341.

Programme summary

Carey Blyton Lachrymae – In Memoriam John Dowland
Two Pensive Songs
Three Impressions
Prayers from the Ark (Selection)
Lyrics from the East
Dirge for St Patrick’s Night
Park Lane Stroll
A Ghost from the Past
Indigo Blues
The Flea
Readings from Dr Shinfiddler’s Musical Zoo
George Butterworth In the Highlands– World premiere performance
Sir Arnold Bax Welcome, Somer– World premiere performance
Peter Thompson Dawn– World premiere performance
E. J. Moeran Six Songs of Seumas O’Sullivan (Selection)
Peter Warlock Songs (Selection)
John Mitchell The Half-moon Westers Low
Derek Foster Two Folk Tunes
Frank Bayford Songs for Children’s Dreams

Full programme details

  Composer Title Performer(s) Total duration
VariousCarey Blyton & Friends
80th Anniversary Concert
19th May 2012
Alison Smart, Soprano,
Katharine Durran, Piano,
Frank Bayford, Speaker
1 hour, 30 mins
# Grouping Composers Work Movement Performer(s) Duration
1First HalfCarey BlytonLachrymae – In Memoriam John Dowland
PreludeAlison Smart, Soprano,
Katharine Durran, Piano
10 mins
2Song (1): Madrigal
3Interlude I
4Song (2): The Moon
5Interlude II
6Song (3): The Open Door
7Interlude III
8Song (4): The Sick Rose
9Interlude IV
10Song (5): Sonnet
12George ButterworthIn the Highlands
World premiere performance
4 mins
13Carey BlytonDr Shinfiddler’s Musical Zoo
The XylophoneFrank Bayford, Speaker 1 minute
14Two Pensive Songs
   I: Two Stolen RosesAlison Smart, Soprano,
Katharine Durran, Piano
5 mins
15  II: Come, Night
16E. J. MoeranSix Poems of Seumas O’Sullivan
  II: The Poplars7 mins
17  IV: The Dustman
18   V: Lullaby
19Carey BlytonThree Impressions
   I: DyrehavenKatharine Durran, Piano5½ mins
20  II: Brittany Beach
21 III: Peasant Dance
22Prayers from the Ark
   I: The Prayer of the CockAlison Smart, Soprano,
Katharine Durran, Piano
7 mins
23  II: The Prayer of the Goldfish
24   V: The Prayer of the Mouse
25 VII: The Prayer of the Lark
26Second HalfSir Arnold BaxWelcome, Somer
World premiere performance
3 mins
27Peter WarlockSongs
The Singer7 mins
29Pretty Ring Time
31The Contented Lover
32Carey BlytonDr Shinfiddler’s Musical Zoo
The Harp
The Tuba
Frank Bayford, Speaker 1 minute
33Lyrics from the East
   I: The Blast of LoveAlison Smart, Soprano,
Katharine Durran, Piano
4½ mins
34  II: Paradise
35 III: Evening
36  IV: Night
37   V: Puty-Fish
38Dirge for St Patrick’s Night
3½ mins
39John MitchellThe Half-moon Westers Low
1½ mins
40Derek FosterTwo Folk Tunes
   I: AndanteKatharine Durran, Piano3½ mins
41  II: Andante
42Frank BayfordSongs for Children’s Dreams
   I: The Phantom VoicesAlison Smart, Soprano,
Katharine Durran, Piano
8 mins
43  II: Grey Goose and Gander
44 III: Three Young Rats
45  IV: Riddle
46   V: The Rainbow
47  VI: Cambric and Acre
48Carey BlytonDr Shinfiddler’s Musical Zoo
The Accordion
The Concertina
Frank Bayford, Speaker 1 minute
49Park Lane Stroll
Katharine Durran, Piano2 mins
50A Ghost from the Past
2½ mins
51Peter ThompsonDawn
World premiere performance
(In memory of Carey Blyton)Alison Smart, Soprano,
Katharine Durran, Piano
2 mins
52Carey BlytonIndigo Blues
1¼ mins
53Encore: The Flea
1 minute

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