Gary Higginson [born 1952]

Born in West Bromwich, Gary Higginson is a freelance composer, examiner, singer and writer on music, with especial interest in the Medieval and Renaissance periods and in 20th Century Music.

He trained at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama, learning composition privately with Edmund Rubbra and orchestration with Patric Standford, modern techniques with Buxton Orr and analysis with Alfred Nieman. Later, when a student at Birmingham University, he continued composition studies under John Joubert.

Now based near Ulverston, Gary is a member of the Lakeland Composers. He has written over 160 compositions, covering every genre. These include several orchestral works, two operas for young people, two string quartets, a great deal of church and Christmas music, a Piano Quartet, solo sonatas for every standard woodwind and string instrument, songs and song-cycles, educational music, music for voices, piano solo, flute solo etc., pieces for brass band and military, and a great deal more. Aside from the music published by Fand Music Press, listed below, a few of Garyʼs pieces are published by Fagus Music.

As a first study singer at the Guildhall School, Gary trained as a counter-tenor, singing mainly medieval and renaissance music with Philip Pickettʼs New London Consort and also with the John Alldis Choir. Later he became a lay clerk and has continued to sing professionally, uniquely both as a counter-tenor and as a tenor.

Gary has written a range of articles on English composers, including for the British Music Society and The Composer magazine. All British music is of interest to him, but especially ancient and modern. He has produced articles on English Renaissance polyphonic composers, the music of Buxton Orr and the music of Carey Blyton.

Gary has taught and lectured regularly on British music, and has particularly enjoyed contact with Gramophone Societies throughout the country. He has held office as:

  WorkGradeVocal rangeDurationPublishedPrice
FM178Country ScenesSound
Three Songs for Medium Voice and Piano or Harp
C♯ to F♯'5 mins8th December 2012£4.95
Words: Anonymous • Words: Henry Wadsworth Longfellow • Words: William Shakespeare
Forces: Medium voice, Guitar, Harp, Piano
FM151Et Omnes Eandem Escam Spiritualem EderuntSound
for SATB
3¼ mins2006£2.50
Forces: Choir (SATB)
FM193Inventions on a Theme of Carey Blyton
for Piano
6 to 76 mins28th September 2015£4.50
Forces: Piano
FM140Passacaglia & Fugue
for solo viola da gamba
Forces: Viola da Gamba
FM166Scenes from Shakespeare
for piano
6 to 8June 2010£8.45
Forces: Piano
for piano
3 to 4February 2009£7.50
Forces: Piano
FM123The Bishop’s Prayer
for soprano solo, SATB and organ
5½ mins2004
Purchase options
Words: Bishop Graham of Carlisle
Forces: Soprano, Choir (SATB), Organ
FM157The Fand Grade 5 Piano Album
A selection of pieces to Grade 5 standard
Forces: Piano
FM132The Fand Left-Hand Piano Album
Contemporary Pieces for the Left Hand alone
Forces: Piano (left hand)
FM117Three Basque Carols
for mixed voices and organ
Purchase options
Forces: Choir (SAB), Choir (SATB), Organ
FM109Three Ben Jonson Songs
for tenor and piano, op. 126a
C♯ to G♯'1995£8.00
Words: Ben Jonson
Forces: Tenor, Piano
FM207Three Ben Jonson Songs
for baritone and piano, op. 126b
,A to E'3rd February 2018£8.00
Forces: Baritone, Piano
FM208Two Pieces for Solo Flute
Op. 62
4 to 65½ mins3rd February 2018£3.50
Forces: Flute
FM122When most I wink, then do mine eyes best see
(Shakespeare Sonnet 43)
for voice and piano
E to G'2004£5.45
Words: William Shakespeare
Forces: Voice, Piano