Julian Farmer

Julian Farmer is a poet and translator of poetry who lives in Guildford. He was a good science student at school, but left education to work in retail. During a long break in Indonesia, he found himself interested in languages and then went on to study French, Classical Greek, Latin, German, Russian, Chinese, Sanskrit and Spanish. He has translated poetry from over twenty languages, both ancient and modern, and has had many translations published in literary magazines from originals as far ranging as Classical Greek and Bengali. His interest in poetry is mainly Classical and Romantic in style and his favourite poets are: Wang Wei, Mandelshtam, Pushkin, von Eichendorff, Arnold, Shelley, Edward Thomas and Ivor Gurney. His own poetry has strong Romantic undercurrents and a high moral tone, but is written in clear, modern, and, although rhythmical, non-rhyming verse. It is also very musical. As John Heath-Stubbs said, “In poetry, the musical element is the most important.” Julian is married, plays the violin as an amateur, and likes cooking. His own poetry and his translations have been published in Staple, Acumen, The London Magazine, Stand Magazine, The Shop, Litro and Modern Poetry in Translation. Collaborating in translations he has been in Epiphany, The Boston Review and The Hampden-Sydney Review. The Russian film director, Maxim Yakubson, made a documentary of Julian’s work with the Russian poet, Zhanna Sizova, entitled Julian’s Translations.


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